4 JUNE 1836, Page 11

The rehearing of the great "Small and .Attwood " case,

in the House of Lords, began on Monday ; Lord LYNDHUtisr being one of the Judges. No protest was made against his acting in that capacity; the professional deference of counsel to their Lordships, or the stupid cowardice of the apellant himself, having interfered to keep it back. So the thing called a " hearing" or " rehearing " goes on daily in the usual way. Two or three Lords are present while Sergeant Warm speaks ; and Lord LYNDHURST, ill his favourite corner behind a myste- rious projection on the Opposition side of the House, takes notes, and occasionally asks a question. This practice of Lord LYNDHURST was the cause of a laughable mistake of an inexperienced reporter of the Courier ; who, underrating the Ex-Chancellor's "nerve," thought that lie skulked for shame from public observation. Almost every morn ing a lie is set up by the Times, (under cover of a correspandeneo originating in Printing-house Square,) which the Courier the same evening knocks down, like ninepins. And this is all that the public knows of the progress of the great trial of the cause of " Small versus Attwood" in the House of Lords.