4 JUNE 1836, Page 17

An Apology for Lord Byron is the principal among a

number of lesser poems—first flights of fancy—forming the volume to which it gives the title, by STEPHEN PRENT1S, A.M. The Apology —of which only the first part appears—is put forth avowedly with the intention of trying its effect upon the public ; and should it respond to the chords the composer has struck, he proposes to finish his lay. We are loth to damp the ardour of a youthful poet, especially as he appears to be sincere in his aim; but we are afraid his strains want the fire and loudness to awaken the public from that apathy into which the furor of the BYRON mania has subsided. A morbid curiosity about BYRON'S character as a man, has been succeeded by a juster appreciation of his genius as a poet ; and there seems little more to be said.