4 JUNE 1836, Page 18

The people of Gravesend, as well as the Cockney-folk, owe

a vote of thanks to Dr. CULVERWELL, for the publication of an useful and amusing little brochure, entitled Hints to the Citizens of London ; in which he descants on the medical benefits of a change of air; shows the necessity of' fresh air to health ; expatiates on the salubrity of Gravesend; on the advantages of the trip, and the good effects of bathing, prescribing rules for the use of the bath ; and finally, gives such an animated picture of the scene on board the steamer, and the pleasure of the voyage—to which his little pamphlet will greatly contribute—that it will have the effect of sending all who read it to the Gravesend steamers, if but to ventilate their lungs by the trip to and fro. The air of Gravesend, the Doctor tells us, is pure, bracing, and nutritious to the health : the situation for residence is salubrious, especially the higher parts, (except for the consumptive in winter, or when easterly winds prevail); the inhabitants are remarkable for health and longevity, and the average of mortality is low es • than in any other part of Kent.