4 JUNE 1836, Page 9

Ent Country.

The nomination of candidates for South Essex took place on Thurs- day. at Chelmsford. Mr. Palmer was proposed by Mr. Round, and seconded by Mr. William Cotton. Mr. Branfil was proposed by Mr. 'I'. B. Lennard, and seconded by Mr. Tower. Mr. Cotton spoke of "the Demagogue," and denounced those who supported him. Mr. Leonard said, that the English Reformers owed a debt of gratitude to Mr. O'Connell, for his exertions in the good cause. Mr. Palmer avowed himself the opponent of it Government which was supported by O'Connell and his Irish Tail. Mr. Branfil said, that as long as Mr. O'Connell was the advocate of civil and religious liberty, he would gladly shake hands and join with him. The show of hands was in Mr. Brantil's favour, and a poll (to commence on Monday) was demanded for Mr. Palmer.