4 JUNE 1853, Page 12

The reproduetion of the Huguenots at the Royal Italian Opera,

on Thursday, with an overflowing audience headed by the Queen, was by far the most brilliant performance of the season. The intrinsic attractions of this fine opera—interesting in its subject, and original and dramatic in its music—appear to be inexhaustible ; but still, considering how many times it has been repeated and how familiar to the public it has become, the management did well to restore to it as much as possible of the gloss of novelty, by renewing the costumes and scenic decorations so as to give the spectacle its original freshness. Grisi and Mario sang superbly, and acted with even more than their usual power and passion. Belletti made his first appearance, in the part of St. _Brie, and did not fall short of Tam- burini in the effect and importance which he gave to it.