4 JUNE 1853, Page 2

In some other states, to judge by the portents of

the moment, moderate councils are recovering lost ground. Count Buol is said to have informed the Swiss Government that diplomatic relations with the Republic will be renewed by the Austrian Government. In granting the hand of a Princess of the house of Hapsburg to the Duke of Brabant, heir to King Leopold of Belgium, Austria seems to have opened the door of reconciliation with constitutional powers ; while King Leopold consolidates an alliance against those Parisian ambitions which will persist in regarding " Flanders" as French. At the same time, the reception given to the Duke of Genoa, in Paris as well as at St. James's, implies a desire to sustain just relations in Piedmont as well as Turkey.

The Leading Journal of our own metropolis recognizes Sardinia as a state deserving to take a leading place in Italy, and a place not humiliated in the councils of Europe. There is no doubt that English sympathies with the Constitutional State of Italy are re- viving: the position which that state occupies as the champion of law and of English principles, in the face of a formidable oppo- nent, was rendered more conspicuous and intelligible by the step which Austria took in confiscating the property of the Sardo-Lom- bard nobles, and by the compensation which Sardinia has granted to those nobles. Whatever may be the case at Court or in Down- ing Street, elsewhere the Duke of Genoa is regarded as the repre- sentative of a just policy, which commands the sympathy of Rag-