4 JUNE 1853, Page 19


WAR-OFFICF., May 31.—Brevet—To be Aide-de-tamp to her Majesty the Queen, with the rank of Colonel in the Army—Lieut.-Col. W. Eyre, 73d Foot. To be Lieut.-Cols. in the Army—Majors F. G. A. Pinckney, 73d Foot ; D. Forbes, 91st Post; 11. D. Kyle, 45th Foot ; C. H. Burnaby, Royal Artillery ; J. J. Bissett, Cape Mounted Riflemen ; A. Horne, 12th Foot; J. Armstrong, Cape Mounted Rifle- men ; W. F. Bedford, 60th Foot; W. H. Tottenham, 12th Light Drags.; R. N. Phillips, 43d Foot; A. 11.IH orsford, Rifle Brigade; the Hon. P. E. Herbert, 43d Foot.

To be Majors in the Army—Captains H. L. Maydwell, 41st Foot ; Hon. R. W. Penn Curzon, Grenadier Guards; II. T. Vialls, 45th Foot; Hon. A. Hope, 60th Foot; R. P. Campbell, 735 Foot ; T. Addison, 2d Foot; C. D. Robertson, Royal

Engineers; J. C. Mansergh, 6th Foot ; Lord A. G. Russell, lot Battalion Rifle Bri- gade, Dep.-Assist. Quartermaster-Gen.; R. Tylden, (Sec. Capt.) Royal Engineers; F. W. L. Hancock, 74th Foot; E. Wellesley, 734 Foot' E. S. Smyth, 2d Foot ; W. E. Hewes, 73d Foot ; P. P. Faddy, Royal Artil.; Hon. G. T. Devereux, Royal Artil. WAR-OFFICE, June 3.— 1st Regt. of Drag. Guards—Capt. G. Briggs to be Major, by pur. vice P. Peach, who retires; Lieut. G. .1. Bridge to be Capt. by pur. vice Briggs ; Cornet E. II. Crewe to be Lieut. by pur. vice Bridge. 2d Drag. Guards—Major-Den. Hon. H. F. C. Cavendish to be Col. vice Gen. Sir T. G. Montresor, K.C. dec. 5th Drag. Guards—Assist.-Surg. O'Conner D'Arcey, M.D. from the 3d Light Drags. to be Assist.-Surg. vice Wyatt, appointed to the Coldstream Guards. 11th Light Drags.- Surg. J. B. St. Croix Crosse, from the 31st Foot, to be Surg. vice Mure, appointed to the 15th Light Drags. 15th Light Drags.—Surg. J. Mitre, bi.D. from the 11th Light Drags. to be Surg. vice Marshall, appointed to the 31st Foot. let Regt. of Foot— Ensign R. G. Brady to be Lieut by purchase, vice H. F. Jones, who retires. 5th Foot—First Lieut. J. S. Hogge to be Capt. without purchase, vice Brevet Major W. Newhouse, who retires upon full-pay ; Second Lieut. L. II. Parry to be First Lieut. without purchase, vice Ilogge; Gent. Cadet F. J. Mylins, from the Royal Military College, to be Second Lieutenant, without purchase, TICE Parry. 15th Foot—Ensign Charles J. W. Allen to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Turner, pro- mated; Lieut. J. Walmsley to be Adjt. vice Turner, promoted. 31st Foot—Surg. J. Marshall, from the 15th Light Drags. to be Surg. vice Crosse, appointed to the 11th Light Drags. 33d Foot—Ensign J. T. Rogers, from the 81st Foot, to be En- sign, vice Davies, who retires. 42d Foot—Gent. Cadet H. H. Moseley, from the Royal Mil. Coll, to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Ward, promoted. .52d Foot- Lieut.-Col. R. G. Hughes, from the 80th Foot, to be Lieut.-Col. vice C. W. Forester, who retires upon half-pay, 80th Foot; Lieut. F. W. Fellows, from the 96th Foot, to be Paymaster, vice F. Dickson, who retires upou half-pay. 53d Foot—Capt. W. Bage- nall, from Ceylon Rifle Regt. to be Capt. vice Hunt, who exchanges. 56th Foot— Ensign J. Martley to be Lieut. by pur. vice Godden, who retires. 63(1 Foot—Major the Hon. R. A. G. Dalzell, from 81st Foot, to be Major, vice Allan, who exchanges. 67th Foot—Ensign C. W. Pearson to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Webber, who re- tires. 69th Foot—Lieut. G. E. Bulger, from half-pay Royal Canadian Rifle Regt. to be Lieut. vice W. Tracey, who exchanges. 735 Foot—Assist.-Surg. C. W. Poulton, from the Staff, to be Assist.-Surg. vice Young, dec. 81st Foot—Major A. T. Allan, from the 611 Foot, to be Major, vice the Hon. R. A. G. DafteLl, who exchanges; En- sign J. Trent to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Currie, who retires. 90th Foot—Ensign Ir. F. Every to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Thursby, who retires. 3d West India Regt.—J. D. Blythe, Esq. formerly Capt. in 89th Foot, to be Pay- master, vice Hills, who was permitted to retire from the Army on the 25th Feb. last, as a Lieut. of the 1st West India Regt. Ceylon Rifle Regt.—Capt. R. Hunt, from 53(1 Foot, to be Capt. vice sagenan, who exchanges. Staff—J. H. Kennedy, Esq. Paymaster of the 18th Foot, to be Paymaster of a Re- cruiting District, vice Hood, dec. Brevet-Major W. 1). P. Patton of the 74th Foot, to be Lieut.-Col. in the Army. Hospital Staff-J. H. Biddle, dent. to be Assist.-Surg. to the Forces, vice Poul- ton, appointed to the 73d Foot.

Memorandum-The name of the captain on retired full-pay of the 58th Foot is Adam von Beverhoudt.

The following gentlemen, who were dismissed from the service by the sentence of a general court-martial in August 1851, have been reinstated in their former rank in the army, and placed upon half-pay, without the admission of any claim to back pay, viz.-J. H. E. De Roebeck, Esq. late Capt. 4th Foot ; H. B.Rainebottom, Gent. late Lieut. 4th Foot ; G. F. Colton, Gent. late Lieut. 4th Foot.