4 MARCH 1865, Page 1

Mr. Cardwell on Friday introduced a most important measure. He

proposes to permit any colony which desires it to create and man a fleet, or even if necessary to combine with other colonies for that purpose. The plan adopted is to allow each colony.to establish a navy on the scheme of the Royal Naval Reserve, which navy will in the event of war be held under the Crown, but ens. ployed at the discretion apparently of the local government, just, for example, as the Indian Navy was employed. The Australian colonies, it appears, wish very much to create a navy, and Canada when united will probably follow the example. The innovation will tend greatly to reduce the burden upon Great Britain, will accustom the colonies

to self-defence even at sea, anl seems to have been designeLaapon solid and inexpelisive principles. If -Britain, America, ant the colonies should ever become hearty allies, an event much MP possible than people who only reed telegrams think, the Anglo- Saxon race would be undisputed masters of all the seas of earth.