4 MARCH 1865, Page 1

The Prussian Government has transmitted its ultimatum about the Duchies

to Vienna. The King demands the right to levy sailors in the Duchies by conscription, the cession of the territory necessary for the Elbe Canal in full sovereignty, the control of the army, the post, and the telegraph, with the reserve that Holstein shall still send her contingent to the Federal army. Until these concessions are made Prussia will maintain her half right as ceded by Denmark. These demands must have been made to make annexation seem preferable, for Europe would never endure to see a great Power wield legally the resources of a State for which it was not responsible. As to the people, they would be compelled to serve under foreign officers in a foreign fleet on expeditions the object of which they might not approve, while the Duke would see his dominions cut in two by a Prussian canal. Annexation would be preferable to all parties except Austria, which cannot bear to see Prussia enriched without compensation.