4 MARCH 1865, Page 3

A very sad boat accident occurred on the Thames at

Erith on • Tuesday. The training ship Worcester, moored off Erith, has more than 100 cadets on board. On Tuesday the ship's barge and two boats went out to exercise the boys in sailing and rowing. The twenty-two boys, under the charge of John Cushman, the boat- swain, evidently a very fine fellow. One of the lads lost his cap, and the boat was turned round to pick it up and the foresail loosened, when a puff of wind capsized her, and all the twenty-two little fellows with Cushman were thrown into the water. Some could swim, but many could not. One boy, Johnston, called out that he could swim well, and would save as many as he could, but probath the mast struck him, for he disappeared and was seen no more. Another lad, Denton, swam towards the shore helping two companions, but either one of them or some third boy grasped at him and overloaded him, for all three sank together. The swimmers were very brave, but the non-swimmers not brave enough to drown quietly without endangering their friends. Probably that is the highest tort of true courage. Cushman did wonders, and very nearly exhausted himself. Boats from the shore and one of the other boats of the Worcester saved in all twelve out of the twenty-two. Ten were drowned.