4 MARCH 1865, Page 3

Mr. Highland Garnett, a negro preacher, delivered a sermon by

request in the House of Representatives at Washington, on Sunday, the 12th February. With negro barristers practising in the Supreme Court, and negro preachers invited to address the Representative Assembly, we may consider the caste feeling in the North to be on a fair way to destruction. The President personally has done much in setting the example. On New Year's Day, when exhausted by two hours' hand-shaking with his white visitors, the coloured people, doubtful of their reception, crept into his room, he is said to have brightened up so suddenly, and received them with such hearty cordiality as to intoxicate them with joy. They laughed and wept with delight, exclaiming, "God bless Abraham Lincoln !? while many of the upper ten thousand were heard showering curses on the President in the skint for regarding the negroes as his fellow citizens and fellow men.