4 MARCH 1871, Page 1

The vote in the Assembly for peace was in some

sense not far from unanimous, for the 107 noes will be found to have been gleaned from very much more specially biassed localities than the -516 ayes. Thirty-two of them came from Paris, or at least the department of the Seine; 21 more from the departments of the Haut- Rhin and Bas-Rhin, which are to be annexed ; seven from the department of the Meurthe ; and ten from the department of the Moselle, which if not wholly annexed will be partly annexed and .are close on annexed districts ; and only about 37 from the rest of France; and, even of these, four are from Corsica, which as an island has little to fear. M. Gambetta who, returned by various - departments, elected to sit for Strasburg, loses his seat with the cession of Alsace to Germany, and must stand at one of the secondary elections, unless he intends to rest awhile from public life.