4 MARCH 1871, Page 1

This Treaty has been ratified by the National Assembly fly

a -vote of 546 to 107, after a debate of which we have scarcely -even a telegraphic summary. It is said that MM. Louis Blanc and Victor Hugo made powerful speeches against ratification ; but M. Thiers, after an artistic but probably real display of emotion, -defended the Treaty by the single plea of necessity. No soldier is reported to have spoken except Changarnier, who gave isis opinion in favour of peace, and the Assembly appears to have voted in a kind of stupor, in obedience to pledges given to constituents. Such rage as was expressed was directed chiefly against the Emperor, whose deigteance was voted by acclamation, and apparently no speech against peace was uttered by any man not either a Republican or a member for one of the ceded departments. It would appear that all the mem- bers present in Bordeaux voted, M. Thiers declaring that any man who abstained would be shrinking from his duty.