4 MARCH 1871, Page 2

The Echo du Nord publishes a petition praying that the'

Assembly may sit at some distance from Paris. That idea is. always mooted after a Revolution, and is never carried out, and it will not be this time. History cannot be recalled, nor can war be declared by the Departments on the great cities. If Belleville will rise Belleville must be put down by force, but an Assembly not sitting in Paris could not rule France. It would be dis- regarded as if it had no mission, and superseded by a Paris Com- mune acting through affiliated clubs. The danger must be- encountered, though it is and will be the gravest of those which beset Republicanism in France, and will for many a year to come- render soldiers too necessary, and therefore too powerful, in Paris. It would seem, however, that violence is now preached only by the- Socialists, and against them France is almost united. Even in Paris. they are always beaten, and in the provinces 80 per cent, of the people are peasant proprietors.