4 MARCH 1871, Page 2

The Emperor of Germany has addressed the following telegram to-

Czar Alexander, and the Czar has published it, with his reply. The- telegram, which is dated 27th February, states the terms of peace, and concludes : "We have thus arrived at the end of the glorious- and bloody war which has been forced upon us by the frivolity of the French. Prussia will never forget that she owes it to yott that the war did not enter upon extreme dimensions. May God bless you for it. Yours till death." The Czar, in his reply, says :. "1 share your joy." It should not be forgotten that the writers stand to each other in the relation of uncle and nephew, but the words employed suggest alliance as well as relationship. There is a promise in "Prussia will never forget," and the nature of that promise may yet be revealed in the East. The Principalities are ruled by a Hohenzollern very weary of his throne.