4 MARCH 1871, Page 24

A Geographical Handbook of All the Known Ferns, by K.

M. Lyell (Murray), is a book of which the value and utility are sufficiently declared by the title. Every cosmopolitan collector of ferns should have it at hand as a book of reference. With this book we may class the Natural History of the Azores, by F. Du C. Godman (Van Voorst), in which the fauna and flora of this group are described in elaborate detail. Such particulars relating to isolated portions of land far from the continent have, as the author remarks, a special value and interest. Mr. Godman, we must not omit to state, has supplemented his own laborious observations by the help of a number of most competent co- adjutors, among whom we may mention the names of Crotch, Tristram, and Watson. We have also to mention another valuable book on a speciality, First Book on Indian Botany, by David Oliver (Macmillan and Co.)