4 MARCH 1876, Page 1

Don Carlos entered France on the morning of the 28th

February, and was immediately conveyed by special train to Paris, whence he was despatched to Boulogne, and will, it is believed, proceed to England. No convenio was entered into by King Alfonso, and no promises made to the Carlist troops, who submitted in masses, 25,000 Navarrese being said to have yielded in one day. The men seemed stupified by the King's departure. Don Carlos, it is stated, will henceforward live on the estates left him by his uncle, the Duke of Modena, but reserves all his " rights." The Madrid papers ask that the conquered provinces should be divided among neighbouring districts, and their names abolished, but history is not killed in that way. A couple of thousand miles of good road, and some special distinction for, all mountaineers who enter the Spanish Army,. such as forming their conscripts into corps of Bersaglieii, would be much more efficacious. If the Carlists will serve faithfully, their sentiment for the male branch of the Spanish Bourbons may be treated as leniently as Pitt treated the relics of Jacobite feeling.