4 MARCH 1876, Page 2

Lord Stanley of Alderley on Monday raised a short debate

on affairs in Malaya, charging the Colonial Office with having changed its policy as regards the Peninsula, with allowing Sir W. Jervois to

power, and with failing to check cruelty and barbarism on the part of the troops. Lord Carnarvon, while denying that he had altered the policy of the Office about Malaya, declined to enter into that discussion till the papers were ready, one despatch deemed by Sir W. Jervois essential being still wanting, but warmly repudiated the charge of cruelty on behalf of the Army. He read orders from Sir W. Jervois, distinctly directing that every place entered by the troops was to be considered friendly till proved to be the contrary ; and from General Colborne, in com- mand, specially prohibiting plunder, arson, or the ill-treatment of persona not in arms; and a letter-from General Ross, showing that these orders had been obeyed. One place was destroyed, but under written orders from General Colborne, who held severity in this case to be necessary, to stop a practice, not defined, which, if allowed unchecked would produce disastrous results. For the rest, the Government, warned by the results of Dutch dilatori- ness in Acheen, had been so energetic, that although there were few troops at hand and the cable was broken, they had in a few• weeks concentrated 3,000 men, and had prevented one of our- costly and troublesome " little wars."