4 MARCH 1876, Page 2

Mr. Disraeli's Solicitor-General is still without a seat. The election

for Horsham ended on Tuesday, and it was found that the Tories there, who, at the general election, polled 529 votes for Sir Seymour Fitzgerald, and in December, 1875, gave Lieutenant- Colonel Aldridge 434, could in 1876 collect only 424 for Sir Hardinge Giffard. On the other hand, the Liberals, who in Decem- ber, 1875, polled only 434 votes, in February, 1876, controlled 478, which wane given to Mr. J. C. Brown, a local notability and a Liberal. The -victory is of good omen for the Liberal cause, and of bad omen for the cause of good government. Neither party appears able to seat men who are desired by the nation, but not by any particular constituency. We presume the Tory party will make one 'more effort for the Solicitor-General. Suppose some large-acred squire resigns his seat ! Or is self-sacrifice a duty only with borough Members ?