4 MARCH 1876, Page 2

The Times announces the dismissal of. Sir D. Lange, the

Agent in England for the Suez Canal Company. He had, it appears, formerly urged the British Government to buy the Canal, and his representations were, by a grave breach of confidence, included in the Parliamentary papers on the purchase. M. de Lesseps there- fore dismissed him. He appears to have exceeded his authority, though he acted in the interest of the shareholders, and M. de Lesseps may not be to blame, but the step raises doubts as to the Chairman's assurances that he welcomes English co-operation. It looks very much as if he would very gladly keep England out of Egypt, and betrays a feeling which may compel the new shareholder to risk a conflict with him. Sir D. Lange's letters are not of yesterday, but his dismissal is. The British Govern- ment, according to Mr. Bourke, knows nothing about the matter, which is its most usual, but not most satisfactory position.