4 MARCH 1876, Page 2

The Turkish Government has made another default. Messrs. Dent, Palmer,

and Co. announce that they have not received the money to pay the interest and drawings on the loan of 1858, which was originally £5,000,000, at 85, and was specially secured on the Customs revenue of Constantinople. The amount due on March 1st was £120,719, but they have only received £46,380. It will be observed that in this case default has not been preceded by any pompous announcements, or soothed by any promises. The Pashas have simply failed to remit the money, and the Turkish Treasury is all the more comfortable for not remitting it. The event will perhaps give investors a much-needed lesson as to the folly of trusting special hypothecations. The bankrupt has absconded, but they think they have a lien on the shoe-buckles which go with him.