4 MARCH 1876, Page 24

by average magazine poetry. Its anther appears to have travelled

through Europe, and to have visited the famous galleries and museums of Italy and Belgium rather more leisurely, and to better purpose than do many of her countrymen and countrywomen. The first part of Cartoons is a collection of stories of painters, done in verse ; then follows another, " From the Life of the Legends" and "From the Life of To-day." Almost without exception, the poems are very short, and breathe a spirit of true culture. Some of them might be paraphrased from Mrs. Jameson, and would certainly satisfy Miss Yonge. On the other hand, "The Hero of the Commune" and "Rossel " will, we are sure, please Professor Beesly. We presume, therefore, that Miss Preston's faith may be described as eclectic. At all events she writes easily and pleasantly, and with an ear for rhythm and metre, without a tinge of coarseness or slang, but we fear it must be added, without much force or dignity.