4 MARCH 1949, Page 18


SIR,—My attention has just been drawn to one Janus who is allowed, it seems, to use the columns of the Spectator for the purpose of implying, falsely, that anyone who is pro-British is necessarily developing " Fascist " tendencies. No doubt it is a matter of alarm and despondency to our would-be alien masters (under any alias) that there are still a considerable number of members of Cambridge University who are true to their King and country, and support a United British Empire against all corners. Such is, in fact, the case. My lecture was upon " Empire Unity." The Varsity Weekly's anonymous reporter—who left out all the Empire matter of the lecture and the resulting discussion, and distorted everything else, since apparently " only Jews are news "—has refused to print corrections. I accept no responsibility for his distortions, nor for the assertion of Janus that it is " sheer nonsense," etc. The distortion does not alter the facts.

It is upon record that in June, 1948, after three Jewish M.P.s had, one after another, noisily " demanded " that Britain should "restrain the Arabs " (i.e. "restrain " them from "fighting on the beaches " against such revolting massacres as Deir Yassin, Haifa, etc., and against 600,000 Arab men, women and children being driven out as " refugees " from the country of their birth and occupation for over 2,000 years), Mr. Bevin replied, " The Arabs are not in the House." The House was hushed for a moment by the truth. How did this come about ? In 1847 Baron Lionel de Rothschild was elected an M.P., but was not allowed to take his seat, not being a Christian. From 1847 until 1858 (in Lady Rothschild and Her Daughters interesting details are given—to which I commend Janus and his " flat disbelief " of the pressures alike put upon " our Jewish Leader," Disraeli, through professing Christianity, Sir J. Russell, Gladstone, Balfour, and other " humanitarians " on the basis of religious tolerance), Bills to enable Jews to sit in Parliament by altering in the Jewish favour the loyal oaths taken up to then by M.P.s—" on the true faith of a Christian "—were defeated. Only in 1858 (when the country was distracted by the aftermaths of the Crimean War and the Indian Mutiny), and with the help of a small majority of "Little Englanders," the Bill to admit Jews got by. But " there are no Arabs in the House "—nor Germans, French, etc. No one has brought forward Bills to extend similar unique privileges to Moslems or Hindus or Biiddhists.

In addition to the following M.P.s openly claimed as Jewish,* there are twenty to thirty others in Parliament, who by reason of changed names or matrimonial or synagogue connections, " International Brigade " or similar past cr present open or secret "pressures," can always be relied upon to attempt to fool their British constituencies, while voting for Zion:st-Communist policies.—I am, Sir, yours, &c.

18 Portugal Street, Cambridge.

* Here follows a list of thirty-six M.P.s and members of the House of Lords.