4 MARCH 1995, Page 30

Too kind, Tina

Sir: I am grateful to Taki for his kind remarks about me in The Spectator (High life, 25 February), but would like to point out that whatever errors of judgement Tina Brown may have made as editor of the New Yorker, these do not include a decision not to renew my contract. I had made clear before leaving London for New York that I would not be able to stay for more than one year, so the question of renewing the con- tract never arose. I did, however, eventually ask Tina Brown if I could stay on for an extra two months, and she instantly agreed to this. What her attitude might have been if I had wanted to stay on indefinitely, I will never know. But I certainly have no cause for grievance as things stand.

Alexander Chancellor

The Sunday Telegraph, Canary Wharf, London E14