4 MAY 1895, Page 17


[To THR EDITOR OP THE "SPECTATOR."] SIR,—May I cap that "dying testimony," in the Spectator of April 20th, by another of the same stamp ? Mine tells of an old Scottish farmer of the right sort, who, on being asked whether he was afraid to go away, replied, "Na, na ; but joist a wee confuised wi' the flittin'." Alongside of this I could like well to see in your columns another favourite of mine. The subject is not very remote from the other, and my story tells (it was in the days of pastoral visiting and personal catechising in the homes of parishioners) that on one occasion, when it came to the turn of an elderly Scottish woman to reply to the well-known query of "The Shorter Catechism"—What are the decrees of God ?—her wonderfully telling and every way reverent reply was not that of the handbook, but, " Sir ! he kens that best himsel'."—I am,

[THE IErsH LAND Bu.—We regret that want of space does not permit us to publish a reply to the Duke of Argyll's letter on this subject by Mr. W. E. Bear.]