4 MAY 1895, Page 3

The Greek elections have ended in a surprise. M. Tricoupi

has been utterly defeated, and has lost his own seat. He will therefore retire from politics, at all events for a time. His rival, M. Delyanni, has secured a following amounting to two- thirds of the Chamber, and unless the King strikes a coup dad, which is improbable, he must be the new Premier. It is not known what his policy will be ; but he is an advocate of expenditure, and is not very favourable to the bondholders, whose claims, he says, must come after those of the de- partments necessary to efficient administration. The great popular movement in his favour is due, we fear, to impatience of taxation, and we should not be surprised if he suspended for a time the service of the Debt Greece cannot, in any case, pay more than a composition.