4 MAY 1907, Page 1

The correspondent of the Times in Paris points out in

a telegram to Monday's paper that the Egyptian Nationalist agitators are attempting by means of articles in the Paris Press to make ill-blood between France and England. Moustapha Kamel Pasha, for example, has been writing in the Figaro a violent attack upon Lord Cromer and his regiinr. "The absolute power exercised by Lord Cromer had become a veritable danger, and was profoundly humiliating for every Egyptian. This absolute power has led us to the horrible drama of Denshawi, the most revolting event recorded in modern Egyptian history." Moustapha Kamel admits the integrity and dignity of Lord Cromer's private life, but adds, on the other hand, that in politics "he has wished to destroy a whole nation by means of money." He ends by informing England that there are only two courses open to her,—war against the Egyptians, or an understanding with them for the real benefit of Egypt. He finally sets forth the programme of his party as the basis of such an understanding, which he hopes will be taken into consideration by the present Liberal Government in England. It is clear from this and other indications that the object of the Palace and Nationalist Parties in Egypt is to represent that Lord Cromer has been sent home in disgrace, and that if his successor dares to follow in his steps, he also will be destroyed by means similar to those used to get rid of Lord Cromer.