4 MAY 1907, Page 1

Turning to foreign affairs generally, Prince Billow spoke hopefully of

the relations of the Powers in Morocco. He trusted to a direct exchange of views to clear up all misunder- standings. Germany had no object in Morocco but equal opportunities for commerce. " Similarly "—we quote from the Times translation—" he was glad to be able to state that there were no controversies between Germany and England which could interfere . with the friendly efforts of sensible sections in both countries." In Persia Germany had nothing to fear, and "awaited without anxiety" the conclusion of the Anglo-Russian negotiations. In the same spirit she awaited Anglo-Russian Agreements concerning Tibet or Afghanistan. "I take this rapprochement," he said, "for what it is--an attempt to settle old disputes in a sphere which is rather remote from ours." Finally, Prince Billow, recurring to something he had said before about the perfectly natural and non-political character of King Edward's recent visits, advised his countrymen not to feel nervous about ententes which did not immediately concern them.