4 MAY 1907, Page 16


ITO THE EDITOR Or TON .EFEOTATOR.1 Sra,—In your issue of March 9th you were kind enough to publish a letter in which I recommended our late sergeant- instructor of gymnastics for employment by any school or institution requiting the services of a first-rate instructor. The result has been some correspondence with a great public school, but unfortunately the final decision has been in favour of another • candidate. Our instructor has a "first-class certificate," obtained in India, and is a late corporal of the Suffolk Regiment. He is very smart, an excellent disciplinarian, combining absolute firmness with rare tact, always well- mannered and clean-lipped. I can imagine no more suitable instructor for schoolboys. He is very keen on musketry, thoroughly understands the Sub-Target machine-gun and the Barr and Stroud and Mekometer range-finders. He is a good drill-instructor, and has an excellent word of command. I found him always willing to turn his hand to anything. The fact that the Spectator recruits obtained an average of eighty- seven per cent. of full marks when tested in gymnastics by the inspecting officer sufficiently proves, I think, the capa- bility of their instructor. I shall be happy to answer. any further questions. Sergeant Martin's address is 6 Dyott Street, New Oxford Street. He has been unemployed since the suspension of the winter classes held under the authority of the London County Council, and would be glad of work of any kind pending a permanent appointment as gymnastic instructor.—I am, Sir, &c.,

• A. W. A. Pomocs, Lieut-ColoneL Wingfield, Godalming.