4 MAY 1907, Page 16

[To TEE EDITOR or THE "EMT/TOE:] venture to add to

your interesting "links with the past" the following, in the hope, too, that some one still living can complete the evidence. I was bunting at Melton in the winter of 1875, and at dinner at Lord Wolverton's the conver- sation turned on the subject of your correspondence. Lord Granville then told us that John Bright had told him of a visit he had made in 1844 to a centenarian at Bradshaw, in Lancashire, " whose father had seen Cromwell" That the father should have seen Cromwell and the son John Bright struck me as so very remarkable that I noted it in a hunting diary. The old man's name was Horlock or Horrock. It is probable that some one still living may have bad the story from Mr. Bright, or that the facts are yet known in Lancashire. I beard not long since at Washington a story attributed to the late Sir Fitzroy Kelly. Sir Fitzroy took into dinner a lady, now the wife of a Justice of the Supreme Court, and he said: "This is the one hundred and fortieth anniversary of my brother's death." Presumably his father's, but not his mother's, son ! But it greatly interested the American lady that the brother of her companion was born before Alexander Hamilton, and long before the Declaration of Independence.—