4 MAY 1907, Page 26

READABLE NOVELS. —Odd Lengths. By W. B. Maxwell. (Methuen and Co.

6s.)—A collection of short stories of varying merit.—The Prince's Valet. By John Barnett. (Smith, Elder, and Co. 6s.)—A romance of the Young Pretender after his return to France in 1746.—Merry Garden, and other Stories. By 4' Q." (Methuen and Co. 6s.)—Seven short stories of an excellent quality, " The ' Black Jake,'" a smuggling story, and " Where the Treasure Is" being perhaps the best —What Might Have Been. (John Murray. 6s.)—A political story of the "Battle of Dorking" type.—The Barony of Brendan. By E. H. bacon Watson. (Brown, Langham, and Co. 6s.)—A study of character, with many happy touches, becoming less attractive when the plot begins to work.—et Country Squire. By G. Manville Fenn. (F. V. White and Co. 6s.)—"An Impossible Story," according to the author. It is not for us to contradict him. But he cannot help being readable.