4 MAY 1907, Page 27

The Globular Jottings of Griselda. By E. Douglas Homo. (W.

Blackwood and Sons. 10s. net.)—Globe-trotting ladies, it appears, still embark with unabashed courage on large volumes describing their travels. Griselda gives us her adventures of a journey from Eastern Canada to the Federated Malay States, and a more detailed account of her life there and wanderings in the Far East. She is amusing at times, and always readable, but between four and five hundred pages of this running commentary is too much. Wo weary of Kuala Lumpor and the life of Govern- ment officials, accurately as it is reproduced for us, and even visits to Wei-hai-wei, and Peking at the time of the Legation troubles, cannot sustain our interest long. We may, however, recommend

the book as a pleasant companion to any who desire to revisit that part of the world in the spirit with as little trouble as possible.