4 MAY 1907, Page 28

Auld Drainie and Brownie. By the Author of "Bob Lindsay

and his School." (T. N. Foulia. ls. 6d. net.)—Here we have some pleasing little pictures of Scottish life. The chapter from which the book takes its title has no little pathos in it. "Auld Drainie" was a cow-doctor, and ' Brownie' a cow whose life he had saved more than once, and who died at last because he was not there to help. "She's come through wear wi' me afore, an' maybe she'll come through waur agen—but nee wi' me." The English reader will have to use his best wits to translate the story into his own tongue, though the author has been good enough to append a glossary. Hero are some specimens which we will leave unexplained; gey roch," "eater," " forfochen," " filie," " stravaig."