4 MAY 1912, Page 29

The Battle. By Claude Farrere. Translated by Fa de Clare-

mont Tonnere. (Mills and Boon. 6s.)—Tho great moment of this book, which is a translation from the French, is the description of the battle of Tsu-Shima. It is a wonderful study of a naval action. Monsieur Farrbre's description of the mysteries of the Japanese character is very subtle, and the account of the elaborate game played by the Marquis Yorisaka and his wife for the benefit of their country will delight those readers who like delicate characterization. The end of the book is extremely impressive, and the reader can almost see the long procession of servants and dependents escorting the kourouma of the Marchioness Yorisaka, once a loader in Japanese European circles, now widowed, on her way to a Buddhist convent.