4 NOVEMBER 1865, Page 2

Mr. Cardwell delivered a good elope on Lord Palmerston on

Tuesday night at Oxford. "The Abbey," he said, "is not the

boundary of his tomb," for, as the saying is, "of illustrious men the whole earth is the tomb," and Lord Palmerston was more illustrious, in the barbarous parts of the earth at least, than almost any other Englishman who ever lived. He quoted the wandering artist who had found among men of the wildest tribes of the wildest mountain ranges of Europe a people who had heard of the fame of England. " And when they think of England," he said, " they think of Lord Palmerston." Mr. Cardwell noted that Lord Palmerston had been a leading member of the House of Commons for one-tenth of the whole period of its existence. It is certainly curious to think of the House of Commons as an institution the age of which ten successive public careers might span.