4 NOVEMBER 1865, Page 2

The belief that the French army is to be withdrawn

from Mexico seems to be universal in Paris. Napoleon, it is said, is annoyed at the independence of his nominee, is alarmed at the state of his finances, and dreads lest American hostility should impair his strength during the struggle which may follow the death of King Leopold. He will therefore, it is stated,' announce when the Chamber meets that the troops are to be recalled. The Emperor Maximilian will then have to choose between forming a native army, or abdicating, or making some agreement with the Wash- ington Government. It is quite possible that he may accept the second alternative, and his latest act suggests that his thoughts are turned that way. On 16th September he issued a decree declaring the two grandsons of Iturbide, the Emperor of 1822, princes of the blood, with the title of "highness." The eldest of them, a lad of fifteen, now studying in Paris, is therefore, should Maximilian remain childless, heir to the throne, and on him the Emperor may devolve his power, as the most decent method of retreat.