4 NOVEMBER 1865, Page 2

The Government is publishing weekly statistics of the cattle plague,

which if correct are not very pleasant. The total number killed either by the disease, or by the axe to prevent disease, is indeed small, being only 17,673 up to 28th October, but the seizures increase. In the week ending 14th October it was little over 1,000, but in that ending 21st it was 1,729, and in the last week 1,873. It is probable, however, that the apparent rise is due to greater accuracy in reporting. The great point of interest in these returns will be the influence of cold on the disease, as the effect of the epidemic, if it continues long, would be very serious, equal to a fine of 2,000,0001. a year on agriculture—a frightfully heavy loss. It will be another week or two before the real extent of the calamity is perceived.