4 NOVEMBER 1865, Page 20

Stray Leaves from Parnassus—Poems. By W. B. Baker. Printed by

the author, at his office, Stockton-on-Tees. (Allan and Co.)—We can- ', not look at Mr. Baker's pleasant photograph, which is prefixed to this volume, and say anything harsh of the contents. Mr. Baker has been busily engaged on the press all his life, himself constituting the sole literary staff of the Stockton Herald, and these poems were composed, often at the printer's call, for the poets' corner of that paper. Well, they occupied it gracefully, and no doubt the subscriber's eye rested upon them with satisfaction, as they made their weekly appearance in the accustomed place. Whether they will be equally accepted en masse in this fastidious age is not so certain ; if this should not be the case, the author will, we dare say, find consolation in attributing the result to a morbid appetite for literary stimulants and the decay of a pure and healthy taste.