4 NOVEMBER 1865, Page 3

Some years ago a society was established in Belfast called

the Catholic Institute, for the improvement of young men. The Bishop, Dr. Dorrian, claimed authority over it, and the members proving refractory he issued his ultimatum. Unless he were allowed an absolute right to disapprove any of the articles of association, any of the rules of management, to prohibit any book or lecture, and to veto the election of any member, he would ex- clude every member from the sacraments of the Church. " Hell or my dictatorship" is in fact his alternative. The members, we are happy to perceive, intend to resist a piece of tyranny no Bishop on the Continent dare venture upon, and are supported by the Catholic press, but the Catholic laity of Ulster should take up the matter. They cannot make the Bishop do his duty, but they can stop the salary of every priest who obeys his orders—a process which, as the Italian example proves, has a wonderful effect in clearing the mind.