4 NOVEMBER 1916, Page 10

The Life and Letters of the RI. lion. Sir Charles

Tupper. By E. M. Saunders. (Cassell and Co. 25s. net.)—Sir Charles Tupper in the course of his long life--from 1821 to 1915—saw Canada develop from a tew scattered provinces into a great united Dominion, and he had much to do with her wonderful progress, especially in promoting Con- federation, in helping towards the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway, and, as High Commissioner, in obtaining the sympathy of the British Government and people for Canada. Dr. Saunders's elaborate biography gives an attractive picture of the man and a detailed account of his work. Tupper's partial conversion of Bright, who in 1868 was unwise enough to support the Nova Scotia appeal for exclusion from the Dominion, is one of many interesting episodes in the book. Bright thought that the Nova Scotia Legislature had been bribed into voting for Confederation, and he wanted the British Government to interfere, but the House of Commons decided against him.