4 NOVEMBER 1916, Page 10

The Swedish Government have issued an English translation of their

Historical and Statistical Handbook of Sweden, published in two parts. Part I. deals with " Land and People," and Part II. with "Industries." The work is profusely illustrated. In these times of war, when the question of national defence is so much to the fore, it is interesting to note how Sweden deals with the problem. The organiza- tion of the Army is based on universal conscription, with the addition of a largo body of professional eoldiers. Liability to service begins at the age of twenty and ends at forty-two, and is roughly divided into eleven years in the first levy of the active Army, four years in the second levy, and eight years in the landatonn. As a tourist centre Sweden suffers somewhat perhaps from the proximity of her popular neighbour, Norway, but those who have been there and know its far-stretching forests and great lakes, its painted wooden houses, and the quaint dress of some of the more northern provinces, feel that it does not get the appreciation it deserves. The chapter on touring gives some useful information for those who, in the happy days after the war, may think of visiting the country.