4 NOVEMBER 1916, Page 13


OWING to the appallingly bad weather which has prevailed on the Somme, the activities of our troops have been greatly reduced. What little action there has been, however, has been favourable. Meanwhile we must wait for sunshine and, if we can have it, a wind without rain to dry up what Sir Douglas Haig calls " the wilderness of mud " on the chalk uplands between the Ancre and the Somme. Yet in spite of the mud Sir Douglas Haig is able, when looking back on the past fortnight, to show that we have accomplished a good deal. The four days covered in the period October 20th-23rd were dry, and gave us an opportunity to deliver a very successful local attack between the Schwaben Redoubt and Le Sam. The Germans strove their hardest to reconquer the Regina and Stuff Redoubts but failed, and lost nearly eleven hundred men in prisoners. " The Canadians and the troops of the New Army who conducted the operations deserve great credit for a signal and most economical victory."