4 NOVEMBER 1916, Page 13

The stories told by survivors of the Donaldson liner Marina,'

torpedoed by the Germans, are now coming in, and show (1) that some eighteen people lost their lives ; (2) that the ship was torpedoed without notice ; and (3) that the sea conditions made the rescue of the crew most difficult. In a word, the German action violated all the conditions laid down by the United States Government and nominally accepted by the Germans. There is said to be a good deal of anxiety in America over the incident, but Mr. Lansing, the Secretary of State, declares that the political campaign will not affect the investigation which is to be held into the submarine attacks on merchant vessels, and that the Government's policy in regard to submarine warfare has remained unchanged since the sinking of the ' Sussex' last March. We gather, however, that he does not expect that any decision will be reached before polling day, which is next Tuesday.