4 NOVEMBER 1916, Page 14

At the"Royal Society of Medkine t on.Tuebdu,Dr. O'Neill Sharman lectured On the

system of sterilizing wounds practised by Dr. Carrel, the .well-known American surgeon, which has had remarkable results. Dr. Carrel has apparently improved upon the sterilizing solution -invented by Dr.. Dakin, but we are more eoncerned, to record -the - results -than to -describe, the-sehrtion: -After -the solution has been applied the-wounds can be stitched npe and. aheut-ninety- nine per cent. heal at once. . This is wonderful in view of the facts that hitherto 'seventy-five per cent. of the deaths from wounds. in the first twenty-four hours have been caused.by infection, and that eighty per cent. of amputations have. been necessitated by infection. Defier Dr. Carrel's 'treatment it is said that .men -leave hospital in from four to six weeks who formerly would have had to stay three to six months.