4 NOVEMBER 1916, Page 14

One of the German comments -on the natural anger of

the Nor- wegians at their heavy losses of ships and life' hrough submarine warfare deserves to be recorded as a priceless revelation of German

thought. Herr •Erich Lilienthal has said in- the Norddentache Aagetneine Zeitung that the Norwegians are only being punished for allowing themselves to be bribed by Britain, " the great corrupter." Being " bribed " seems to mean that they want to carry. on their legitimate trades. Herr Lilienthal goes on :— " If they had not succumbed to this temptation, they could hardly have avoided admiring the patriotism and devotion of thb German submarine crews, who face such discomfort and danger to destroy Norwegian ships. They-would realize, in spite of their own losses, that Germany is the representative of a higher. morality."

But why not go further ? Why not 'say that every right-minded woman on board the Lusitania ' must have perished gladly in the proud knowledge that she was an instrument in the demonstration of the higher morality ?