4 NOVEMBER 1916, Page 15

In calling the statement " pathetic " we recall how

Crabbe in his celebrated poem entitled " Reflections " depicts the man who at the end of life intends to use all the experience he has gained in the tumult and struggle of conflicting interests to take in future the strait and narrow path, and not be paralysed as he admits he was when first surprised by the tempest of events. Yet, alas ! when he is ready to take nobler action the opportunity has gone, and the resolve not to fall into previous errors is turned• by the course of events into a dead and fruitlees thing :—

" Now 'tis our boast that we can quell The wildest passions in their rage ; Can their destructive force repel,

And their impetuous wrath assuage ;

Ah ! Virtue, dolt thou arm, when now This bold rebellious race are fled ; When all these tyrants rest, and thou Art warring with the mighty dead Revenge, ambition, scorn, and pride, And strong desire and fierce disdain,

The giant-brood, by thee defied,

Lo ! Time's resistless strokes have slain."