4 NOVEMBER 1916, Page 15

We dealt recently very shortly with the appeal of the

School of Oriental Studies, but we feel that the subject is one of suck enormous importance to the Empire that we must turn to it again. We must remind our readers that the objects of the School are : (1) To provide a place where Englishmen who are to be engaged in the work of governing or garrisoning the Oriental and African parts of the Empire may learn the languages and study the literature, the religions, and the customs of the peoples with whom they will be brought into contact, and over whom they will, as we should put it, exercise the rights, or rather the duties, of guardians and trustees. (2) To offer a training to those who are about to proceed to the same countries to take part in commercial enterprises. (3) To furnish in the capital of the Empire a meeting-ground and focus for the scholars of the East of all nationalities, a place where on their visits to this country they may be sure of a sympathetic welcome and the opportunity of study-