4 NOVEMBER 1916, Page 27


firs, We lire in an age of advertisement, but the University of Oxford—home of ideals, lost, stolen, and strayed—is far too proud to advertise. Nevertheless -compulsory Greek is as moribund on the banks of Isis as on the banks of Cam. I enclose for your edification, a propos of your note in the issue of October 21st, p. 463, a printed copy of four-and-twenty Decrees enacted by the University within the last two years, for the benefit of its under- graduate members, actual and potential, who are under arms, or otherwise engaged in the public service. You will observe that Decrees 13 and 17 exempt from Responsions (including, of course, the compulsory Greek) every one who has, or shall have had, sir months' service to his credit. You may further observe that, although this privilege expires at the end of next year, express provision is made for its renewal : perpetuum esto!—I am, Sir, &c.,