4 NOVEMBER 1916, Page 32

Realms of Melody. Edited by Geoffrey Callender. (Macmillan and Co.

3s. 6d. net.)—This is an original anthology, divided into fourteen " realms " of England, romance, battle, the sea, burlesque, humour, and so forth. Many living poets have been drawn upon, and Dryden and Pope, among the classics, are unusually well represented. Dryden's account—in stately elegiacs—of the stubborn four days' fight off the North Foreland in June, 1666, from his " Annus Mirabilis," has not, we think, attracted the anthologist before, though it is distinctly amusing. At the close, Albemarle " casts a frown on the departing foe And sighs to see him quit the watery field." In tho burlesque " realm " the editor rather unkindly gives both the poems of Southey which Canning and " Lewis Carroll " parodied so well.