4 NOVEMBER 1916, Page 9


Ireland under the Stuarts. By Richard Bagwell. Vol. III. (Long- mans and Co. 15s. net.)—Dr. Bagwell has completed in this volume his history of Ireland from the coming of the Northmen to the Revolution, where Leaky takes up the tale. He maintains his judicial and dis- passionate manner to the end, and indicates without the least touch of dramatic emphasis the intolerance, poverty, and intrigue which baffled Irish administrators after the Restoration, and the utter incompetence of James H. and Tyroonnel in the crisis of 1688-90. He does not describe the war after the Boyne, perhaps because Dr. Murray has done this so thoroughly in his recent book. The chapters on social conditions and the Churches are excellent but very brief. Dr. Bagwell is reserved to a fault, but his history—the work of a whole generation—is the best and almost the only impartial account of Tudor and Stuart Ireland.